The Live Trading Room

Live Trading Webinars conducted weekly by head trader Tyler Chianelli
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  • Live Group Webinars
  • Avg. duration of 90 minutes
  • Conducted during trading hours for real market experience
  • We manage open positions inside the Thinkorswim trading platform
  • Average hold duration of 2 weeks
  • Short-term selling on long-term LEAPS positions
  • The art of rolling trades
  • Spread trading that reduces single-stock risk (defined-risk trading)
  • Q&A with audience members to end each webinar
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All Live Trading Room webinars are recorded and storied inside the Options Trader Club member portal. In chronological order, you can browse through the backlog of recorded webinars. Each Live Trading Room is fitted with a detailed description so you know which trades, strategies and market events were discussed before watching.

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