What is Options Trader Club?

Options Trader Club is the premier options trading community, social network and trading database. Members can navigate through the interface to:

  • connect with other Club members
  • receive and review trade updates and alerts
  • attend live webinars
  • receive personal coaching sessions
  • peruse the extensive video library
  • privately chat with our head trader Tyler Chianelli
  • even purchase additional courses that are stored inside the Options Trader Club interface for you
Member’s Breach Clause
Due to the specific nature of options trading education, our 30-day money back guarantee does carry with it several different breaches of contract. At Options Trader Club, the teacher-client relationship is fluid and customized to each and every person’s learning style and personal situation. Though we more often than not honor refund requests without any discussion at all, there are cases in which we feel the right to a refund has been waved.

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