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Options Trader Club

Options Trader Club is a premiere options trading membership community. We are a trade picks & strategies service, live trading webinar center, trading database and social network community. The Club is a hub for self-directed options traders looking for worthwhile trades, insight into professional trading strategies and camaraderie in fellow like-minded traders.

All different types of options traders at any level can find value within Options Trader Club. Whether you are looking to go behind-the-scenes following along with a professional trading workflow, you are trying to stick to a long-term trading strategy or you are looking for a professional to cut your research time in half and lay out potential trades... we have what you are looking for and more here at Options Trader Club.


Here's what Membership Gets You

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    Weekly Live Trading Room Webinars

    Learn from head trader Tyler Chianelli each week as he navigates the markets, manages open options positions, researches potential new positions, fills orders and fields questions from the audience. This is an invaluable insight into a professional trading workflow and a great way to stay plugged into the market each week.

  • 1-2 Hours in length
  • Trading done inside the Thinkorswim by TDAMERITRADE platform
  • All Live Trading Rooms are recorded and stored inside Options Trader Club for you
  • Q&A with audience members
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    SMS Trade Alerts

    Sign up for SMS & MMS Trade Alerts to receive detailed trade ideas right to your phone during trading hours. Cut your research time in half and take advantage of worthwhile trades Tyler spends his day researching and confirming so you do not have to.

  • Strategies & trades for up, down & sideways markets
  • Sent out during trading hours
  • Alerts for New Trades, Adjustments and Closing Out of current Options Trader Club positions
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    Trade & LEAPS Tracking Spreadsheets

    All Options Trader Club Trade Updates are grouped into 2 different Trade Tracking Spreadsheets. These concise and compact dynamic spreadsheets give you a growing list of varied options trades at a glance. All metrics are detailed and percentages calculated. Watch as a portfolio grows.

  • Strategies & trades for up, down & sideways markets
  • Spreadsheets are updated weekly
  • Quantity, Expiration, Opening Transaction, Closing Transaction, Net Gain/Loss, ROI and Additional Notes
  • Download the templates to make your own Tracking Spreadsheets


Options Trader Club detailed Trade Updates are grouped into 3 different Trade Strategies sections. Sticking with a strict strategy for the long-term has never been easier or laid out more detailed and concisely. Master different modes of options trading with ease and choice.


Free Access to ALL
Option Trading Coach Classes

With your Options Trader Club membership, you receive free access to all a multitude of Live Trading classes that non-members pay a premium to attend. These classes are a natural and in-depth extension of the strategies laid out inside Options Trader Club.

The extensive Video Library

There is more content in the Video Library than you have time to watch!

- All Live Trading Room Recordings
- Archive of Live Trading Videos
- Options Trader Club Video Blogs
- Path to Trading Profits Series
- Earnings Income Trader Class Series
- Thinkorswim Tutorial Videos

Additional Option Trading Coach Courses

The Options Trader Club portal also has its own shop full of additional courses to purchase. These video courses cover a wide range of trading topics - from basic options trading to complex chart patterns to money management tactics. PLUS, with your membership, you receive Module 1 of the Trading Mastery Program free of charge!

Options Trader Club at a glance

  • Trade Strategies

  • Trade Updates

  • Social Community

  • Live Trading Rooms

  • Trade Alerts

  • Video Library

  • Tracking Spreadsheets

  • Class Access


Do I have access for life?

No, Options Trader Club is a monthly paid membership service. However, you can alter your account to make quarterly and yearly payments.

What kind of support do I receive?

You can speak with myself (Tyler Chianelli) via private messaging concerning trading questions. For technical support, be sure to email our support address.

What if I'm a beginner?

If you’re just getting started in the Stock Market, then you will find value in studying the videos found in the Video Library, utilizing the shop of additional courses and putting on our Trade Alert trade picks inside a paper trading practice account.

What if I'm experienced?

Experienced/working traders get the most out of Options Trader Club because they can get right in tune with my trading workflow and shape comparable positions of their own – all by taking inspiration from trading inside the Live Trading Rooms and the trades logged in the Spreadsheets & Strategies.

Which trading platform do you use?

I trade on several different platforms. My top trading app is Thinkorswim by TD Ameritrade, and I also use Interactive Brokers for my international clients, Options House, optionsXpress by Charles Schwab, and Trade Station.

Will this service work for me if I live outside the United States?

Absolutely, Options Trader Club  is designed for people all around the world. As long as you have a reliable internet connection and a brokerage account that provides options trading this service will provide extensive value for navigating the markets trading options.

What if your account size is different from mine?

This service and business is scaleable to any and all trading account sizes. It does not matter at all if you’re starting with $2,000 or $2,000,000 — you will still deploy the same risk management principles and strategies.

What's your personal average trade duration?

Over a 10+ year time trading frame I have yielded over 2,500% off the original portfolio size. Ever since I started the Options Trader Club membership community in Q4: 2015, I average a +29% ROI.

How many trades do you manage at a time?

It depends, but upwards of 50 positions can be established at any given time. My average hold-time (on non LEAPS trades) is right around 14 days.

What's your favorite trade type?

Trading LEAPS has been my most successful strategy, but as the market changes so does my strategy focus and whatever is working in our current markets becomes my new favorite strategy.

Reviews From Happy Clients

"Tyler has built an incredible resource that has helped me immensely through my journey to financial success through options.  Whether you’re an aggressive trader seeking growth like myself, or looking to safely supplement your income, harnessing the leverage of options trading is critical.  But even more critical for me is having a coach who already knows how to use this powerful leverage wisely and effectively to meet my personal financial goals."

Andrew J.
Andrew J.

"I am absolutely loving the Options Trader Club! I have learned so much in the last 5 weeks from your classes. Thank you for providing great content and taking the time to post so frequently. "

Paul M.
Paul M.

"Every facet of an options trade is covered. Between following his trades and applying what he's taught to make my own I'm up 20% overall."

Adam G.
Adam G.

"I am very happy with my investment into Tyler's program and would recommend it to anyone who was serious about taking their education to the next level."

Jalen C.
Jalen C.

"It has been a few months since I've started and  I've learned an incredible amount from all of Tyler's live trading, trade updates, LEAPS strategies, recordings and all of his spreadsheets. Since then I have easily tripled my money. This has been money well spent and money well earned."

Dylan M.
Dylan M.


$97Per Month
  • Live Trading Rooms
  • Trade Tracking Spreadsheets
  • Earnings Spec Strategy
  • SMS Trade Alerts
  • Video Library
  • Social Network Connectivity

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