Options Trader Club is the natural extension of creator Tyler Chianelli’s trading education tactics brought about by the Option Trading Coach courses and products he has created.

Clients were consistently enjoying the material (and trading footage) found in the various course videos and were hungry for more. How could they have access to Tyler, his trades and his ideas on a daily basis? We needed a powerful membership service. Something that could feed traders weekly trades and ideas, give access to Tyler’s trading workflow and centralize all the loose trading footage he compiles on a weekly basis. It was out of these needs that Options Trader Club was born.

We had so many ideas for what Options Trader Club could be that it became hard to pin down – there was so much going on at once!

But as time went on and clients kept coming in, we figured out what traders wanted and how we could best give it to them. We needed to connect with our members, so Tyler started holding Live Trading Room webinars each week so they could sit in on his day-to-day trading and watch positions evolve as he talks through his trading workflow. So much of successful trading is a mystery to the public, because successful self-directed traders spend their time alone and don’t bother explaining how they built successful positions and why they made each decision when they did. The Live Trading Rooms pull back the curtain on professional options trading so our members have the same opportunities as the best traders on the street. Demystifying success stories and proper manipulation of the market at large is our goal for Options Trader Club members.

Then came the idea of posting Trade Picks. Many of our Option Trading Coach clients were pleased with our trading education courses, but were still feeling unfulfilled and overwhelmed on their own looking for trades and making finite decisions with their portfolio. So if we started posting trades that Tyler himself placed as the trades were put on, then members could start to be influenced by the sectors and strategies he was putting forth in his own (practice) portfolio. So we started posting detailed Trade Updates to the member’s site. But then that started to evolve…

We then started sending Trade Alerts directly to member’s phones with trade updates during trading hours so they could review, test, and maybe even put on similar trades while they still had a chance while the market was open that day. Immediacy, urgency and testing are key to successful self-directed trading. We bridged that gap with consistent trades and a great track record to back it up. Our members can always be assured that we are scouring the markets for trade opportunities and they will always be the first ones to know.

And then we took it another step further by grouping certain trades into Trading Strategies. This way, traders could laser in on trades that fit their style and long-term goals.

We have found that traders are very concrete on their goals and want training tailor-made for them. So we give them the ability to filter out trades that do not resonate with them, so they can focus on trades built for them and their needs. Focus on short-term income or earnings plays or long-term strategies for retirement… find your niche and study that alone with our Trade Strategies.

Whether you are looking to follow a professional trader as he manages his public account, you need trade ideas each trading week, you want to see a trading strategy put together and explained over time, you want to browse an extensive video library, or you simply want to connect with like-minded options trader…

Options Trader Club is the premium membership service for you. We make sure of it!

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