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Options Trader Club is an interactive membership community that brings sound trade ideas and investment opportunities to you consistently. With our vast video training library, weekly Live Trading Rooms, proven track record, and dynamic strategy selection process — your odds for ongoing success in the Stock Market has never been more attainable. We invite you to the Success Driven Trading community!

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Options Trader Club is a diverse trading service that uses weekly group webinars (LIVE Trading Rooms) and mobile trade alerts to facilitate a multitude of “defined-risk” stock and options trading strategies. This budding social network and ‘Success Driven Trading® community’ is ideal for both beginner and experienced traders alike.

Members are plugged into active monthly calendars full of group events, trade ideas, earnings opportunities, online classes, and professional trading workflow insights — with the primary goal to help the modern day retail trader achieve [consistent] success in any market trend. The Options Trader ClubTM is one of the most powerful and dynamic options trading memberships and educational hubs available in the marketplace today.

Core features






Live Trading Room Webinars

Founder and full-time trader, Tyler Chianelli, holds weekly LIVE Trading Room webinars where he navigates the markets inside his robust trading platform, establishing new positions, analyzing charts & overall market trends, looking into individual option chain details, and managing open positions by implementing advanced rolling/adjustment strategies. All of the trades that are initiated inside the Club utilize the “defined-risk” trading approach and include both short-term and long-term strategies that to fit all trading styles. The trading strategies that are utilized are further explained in the Signature Trading Strategies section. 

As positions and markets evolve throughout the trading year, our weekly LIVE Trading Room sessions provide professional options trading insight and guidance through active management, ongoing discussions, and consistent structure. The “LTR” sessions take place during the last trading hour on every Wednesday (90% of time time) and are always recorded for members to review later. We invite you to view our LIVE Trading Room general overview and take a tour of our dynamic preview series here.

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  • What’s the overall goal?

    • To build a diverse longer-term portfolio utilizing the power of Long-term Equity AnticiPation Securities (LEAPS). The methods and management style used inside The LEAPS Letter are strategies that have been mastered by 15+ year options trading veteran Tyler Chianelli, and is taught in-depth inside the How to Trade LEAPS program offered by Option Trading Coach.
  • How many trades a month?

    • 5-15 (but depends on current market climate)
  • Trade types?

    • Long Call LEAPS
    • Long Put LEAPS
    • Legging into Calendar Spreads
    • Legging into Diagonal Spreads
    • Unbalanced Time Spreads on LEAPS
    • Rolling Short-term Sold Options on LEAPS
    • Long Vertical Call Spreads (over 200 days)
    • Long Vertical Put Spreads (over 200 days)
    • Selling Naked Long-term Put Options (over 150 days)
  • Average trade duration?

    • 58 Days (based off 2017: YTD metrics)
  • What kind of results are happening?

    • Average return on the 12 closed LEAPS Letter trades in 2017 is +21% ROI.
  • How many open LEAPS Letter positions are on at any given time?

    • Anywhere from 3 – 30 open positions can be found inside The LEAPS Letter portfolio.
  • What’s the overall goal?

    • To establish consistent trades that are high-probability in nature and have the mechanics of producing consistent short-term income through positive Theta decay. The Options Income Strategy mostly uses credit spreads on trades, but will also utilize technical analysis to spot momentum trends which will sometimes prompt using a debit spread.
  • How many trades a month?

    • 3-8 (depends on current market trend and implied volatility)
  • Trade types?

    • Short Vertical Call Spreads
    • Short Vertical Put Spreads
    • Short Iron Condors
    • Legging into Short Iron Condors
    • Long Diagonal Spreads (call and put)
    • Long Calendar Spreads (call and put)
    • Long Vertical Spreads (call and put)
    • Adjusting from Verticals into Time Spreads (advanced)
    • Adjusting from Time Spreads into Verticals (advanced)
  • Average trade duration?

    • Under 30 days (17 days is the current 2017 avg. hold time)
  • Average returns (rolling 12 months)?

    • Average return since 2015:Q4 inception is +29% ROI per trade, with a 71% win ratio.
  • How many open Options Income Strategy positions are on at any given time?

    • Anywhere from 0 – 10 open positions can be found inside this portfolio strategy.
  • What’s the overall goal?

    • Seize short-term investment opportunities that have the potential to yield outsized returns using defined-risk options strategies on specific stocks that meet a strict set of earnings trade criteria.
  • How many trades a month?

    • 0-6 (depends on time of year)
  • Trade types?

    • Long Calls
    • Long Puts
    • Long Iron Condors
    • Short Iron Condors
    • Long Straddles
    • Long Strangles
    • Long Double Diagonal spreads
    • Long Double Calendar spreads
    • Unbalanced Time Spreads (advanced)
  • Average trade duration?

    • Less than a week (often 1-2 days)
  • Average returns (based on 2016)?

    • The cumulative return (thus far in 2017) is +136%
  • Total trades (thus far in 2017) = 13

  • How many open Earnings Income Trader positions are on at any given time?

    • During earnings season, there is normally around 3-5 earnings trades established.

Alerts & Updates

Options Trader Club – Head Trader, Tyler Chianelli, documents his positions utilizing the detailed Trade Tracking & LEAPS Tracking spreadsheets for optimal transparency and flow. In addition to the dynamic spreadsheets, mobile trade alerts and weekly email updates are sent out to ensure members are always informed about new developments and trade opportunities — in conjunction with management plans on current open positions that may have an up, down, or neutral P/L statement.

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Tyler Chianelli

Founder and Head Trader

Every month there is at least one new “Featured Trade Update” outlining the overall trading strategy that is accompanied with a detailed execution plan (fill prices and trade parameters), charting analysis, risk-reward profile, position statement snapshot(s), risk profile graph, pre-planned management tactics, advanced option insights, break-even level(s), selling strategy, ongoing rolling/adjustment updates, and the final result on the trade. Alongside the “Featured Trades” there is anywhere from 5-20 new monthly trades placed between the three different Signature Trading Strategies.

When a new position is initiated, often times (but not always) a SMS or MMS text message is sent out to Club members who sign-up to receive our mobile trade alerts. Depending on the trade and time of day, either a detailed or abbreviated message is sent outlining the trade details, strategy type, and the management plan of the trade moving forward. The mobile trade alerts are sent out during non-trading hours to allow for members the necessary time to review and think about placing his/her own trade when the market opens back up.

  • What’s the overall goal?
  • How many trades a month?
  • Trade types?
  • Average trade duration?
  • Average returns (rolling 12 months)?


The Group Chat function is one of the main social network aspects of Options Trader Club. Here you can chat with all other Options Trader Club members. The most traffic occurs during trading hours, but the chat is live and open to members 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Members can discuss trade ideas, log their trades with the member base and break away from the loneliness of self-directed trading. This is a community of like-minded traders and communication can many times be the key to great opportunity.

The Private Messenger holds the same social concept as the Group Chat, but this is restricted to one-on-one conversations. You can develop working relationships with fellow Options Trader Club members and conduct an on-going discussion with your Private Chat function. You can also message creator & head trader Tyler Chianelli here with trading questions and more. Other than Live Trading Rooms, this is your most direct route to receiving trading advice from Tyler.



Option Trading Coach holds several different paid classes every quarter. Non-members pay a premium to attend these classes, but Options Trader Club members get to attend every single one for free. Gain even more targeted market insight with these strategic live trading webinars. Option Trading Coach classes include:



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